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AID Atlanta hosts ‘coffee talk’ tonight

AID Atlanta's Gay Men's Outreach Program will host an after-work “coffee talk” today at the Starbucks at Ansley Mall from 6 – 8 p.m.

If you're a first time participant, you'll receive a free cup of coffee.

The monthly coffee meet-up allows participants to meet and mingle with staff from AID Atlanta and learn about the organization's outreach programs.

For more information, email AID Atlanta's Gay Men's Outreach Coordinator Steven Igarashi

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AID Atlanta launches new website, video series aimed at gay men

AID Atlanta's Gay Men's Outreach program will unveil a new HIV/AIDS-awareness initiative called Go Atlanta tomorrow night at the Phillip Rush Center. The initiative, run by AID Atlanta's Gay Men's Outreach Coordinator Steven Igarashi, will centralize the Gay Men's Outreach program's events and offer new tools to raise awareness of the continued fight against HIV/AIDS.

“There are new initiatives,” Igarashi said today by phone. “We didn't have any kind of central website for our program.”

One of the new initiatives will be a regularly updated video section featuring local men and familiar Atlanta destinations.

“We're looking at the videos as a gay 'Sex in the City,'” Igarashi said. “We hope that men watch them and find them relate-able. Everyone in the videos are local people who donated their time to us. They're shot in locations that we think gay men will recognize like Ansley Mall and Piedmont Park.”

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Time to stop hurting each other

Earlier this month, our program hosted a discussion on sexual liberation. What started as a discussion about cultural taboos and sexual tastes, quickly became a discussion on how our LGBT community cannibalizes its own. It seems to come up in most discussions that I have with gay men – no one seems to be more critical and abusive of gay men than gay men themselves.

So, why do we do it?

Those who know me, know that I’m a huge fan of all things pop culture.  I love music, movies and television – and I can expound on this useless trivia ad nauseum. During the discussion, there was a voice that kept ringing in my head.  It was the somber alto of Karen Carpenter, and she kept crooning “can’t we stop hurting each other?”

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AID Atlanta hosts discussion on sexual expression

AID Atlanta's Gay Men's Outreach Program will host a discussion tomorrow, July 5, on sexual expression in the gay community from 7 to 9 pm.

Among the topics discussed will be how some sexual styles flourish in mainstream society while others are taboo. The group will also talk about the diverse sexual styles found in the LGBT community.

“Leather? Great. Threesomes? Okay. Roleplay? Sure. Strictly a top? Totally a bottom? Flip flopping versatile? However you choose to express yourself, we want to hear about it,” organizers say.

The meeting is part of a new series called “One Night Stand,” where attendees focus on one topic for one night.