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[Video] Bravo’s ‘Tabatha Takes Over’ makes over Atlanta salon and gay manager gets, uh, schooled

Tabatha Coffey is known for her no-nonsense approach to business especially when it comes to making over a salon that is simply going down the drain along with color and clippings.

In the March 20 episode of Bravo's hit show "Tabatha Takes Over," the dominatrix of deep-conditioning  visits Sweetgrass Salon located in the hippy neighborhood of Little Five Points.

The episode prominently features openly gay manager Brian Baj, who Tabatha doesn't take kindly to, including calling him a "shit stirrer" and "annoying." He says she is a real bitch. She says he has a lot of aggression. He stresses she is a real bitch. She calls him a "fuckweed." (The F-word is bleeped, but we can read lips.)