[Video] Bravo’s ‘Tabatha Takes Over’ makes over Atlanta salon and gay manager gets, uh, schooled

“The management at Sweetgrass is absolutely fucked,” Tabatha says at one point. (Yep, lip reading.)

The TV Guide description of episode? “Tabatha intervenes to rescue a stumbling salon and spa. The owner envisions the business to evolve into a holistic wellness center, but he’s at odds with the aggressive manager, who in turn is driving employees away.”

Highlights of the episode aka Episode 10 of Season 4:

• The full team gets to take a field trip to the Georgia Aquarium as part of a team building exercise and have fun playing with the Belugas. And you get to hear Tabatha in a traditional and stylish black tunic say, “We are going to save the whales” before donning a sexy wetsuit.

• Tabatha suggests Tim get rid of the rickety front desk. He hesitates because he made it himself. The staff wants Tim to get rid of it. Tim hesitates again. Brian loses his shit and shouts at Tim, then boldly rips the colored beads hanging from the doorway in two or three defiant strokes. (Actually, tearing down those beads was a good idea.)

• Brian shouts at Jacklin when she tells Tim she’s quitting, even before the make over takes place. A first for the show. “You get whatever you want … so if you’re going to cave in right now and quit right now, then quit,” Brian tersely tells a tearful Jacklin. He later adds she can pretty much go fuck herself. (Again, more lip reading.)

Coffey ends up suggesting Tim take some action with Brian and the manager of more than three years is put on probation. When Coffey comes back six weeks later to see how the salon is operating, she finds everyone feeling happy and healthy.

And Brian is no longer there.

You can read more about what Tabatha had to say about the episode (and Brian) on her blog. You can also read what viewers had to say about the episode (and their disdain for Brian) on Tabatha’s Facebook page.

Brian now does PR and tons of other stuff for the infamous Little Five Points Halloween Parade among other things. The GA Voice also interviewed him for a July 2011 business profile during the time he was still employed by Sweetgrass.

Check out these clips from the show:

Top photo: Brian Baj, manager at Sweetgrass in Little Five Points, angers everyone around him — including Tabatha Coffey. (via Bravotv.com)