Your Voice

First, COMMENTS on every story let you interact with our community of readers, to share your opinion on specific issues and react and respond to others.

Not enough room to make your point, or have an opinion to share that isn’t directly linked to one of our articles?

YOUR VOICE, part of our Opinion section, gives web users the opportunity to share your opinions in more detail and on broader subjects than may fit in the comment threads that will appear with every article. You can submit columns on issues of your choice, including links to your own blogs and Facebook notes. The most compelling will appear on our website to further community conversations and empower diverse voices to be heard.

Want to share news about your organization or business instead of your opinion?

YOUR NEWS, part of our Community section, features citizen-reported news related to community organizations and events. Community groups and other interested individuals can share short updates on their activities directly with visitors to the Georgia Voice. Submissions will be reviewed before posting.

Is the news you want to share more personal, about events in your own life?

YOUR MILESTONES is an ongoing feature that will appear online and in print. You can publish and celebrate the milestones in your life, from engagements, commitment ceremonies and weddings to births, adoptions, and promotions.

How to submit:

Submissions to YOUR VOICE, YOUR NEWS, and YOUR MILESTONES can be submitted via email to

Please put the topic (Your News, Your Voice or Milestones) in the subject line.

Submissions should include a full name and phone number for verification.  Contact information will not be published.

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