5 LGBT things you need to know today, April 29

1. The 2014 Tony Award nominees were announced this morning by out actor Jonathan Groff (“Looking”) and actress Luci Lui (“Elementary”). The leaders in nominations include “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Marriage” and “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” starring out actor Neil Patrick Harris.

2. “I realized that of all the millions of commercials I had seen, that I was relating to common humanity, but not my own life. There was not another instance in all of my lifetime of TV watching that gave me such a complete and total realization of self identification as seeing a gay dad, holding his baby, while another dad gave the baby a kiss.” A sweet HuffPo editorial by a gay dad on what the gay-inclusive ads being shown lately have meant to him.

3. A Pakistani man confesses to killing three gay men he met online, saying he lured them into meeting then killed them “to stop them spreading the evil of homosexuality.” But police are saying the man had sex with his victims first.

4. The Boston Globe with an editorial on how the Boy Scouts are “clumsily” enforcing the ban on gay scoutmasters.

5. “Studies show that there is a direct correlation between a gay man’s insecurity and the number of hashtags on his selfies.” Check out this funny “gAySPCA” on gay men and selfies, parodying those sad Sarah McLachlan dog ads.