5 LGBT things you need to know today, June 25

1. “I don’t care what your culture is. Inhumanity is inhumanity is inhumanity. Prejudice is prejudice is prejudice.” Vice President Joe Biden at a forum yesterday on U.S. and international LGBT rights.

2. The creator of the game Cards Against Humanity has apologized for the inclusion of a transphobic card.

3. “Today there was a very clear and strong signal from the church, and that message is, ‘Change is on the way.’” A win for the good guys. Rev. Frank Schaefer, the Methodist pastor who was defrocked for presiding over his gay son’s wedding, has been reinstated by a United Methodist Church appeals committee in what the New York Times calls “a stunning reversal.”

4. New York Magazine has “A Photographic Look at the Birth of Gay Pride.”

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: Today is the 41st anniversary of the largest gay mass murder in U.S. history—the fire at the Up Stairs Lounge in New Orleans that killed 32 gay men and women. Here’s a trailer for the upcoming documentary on the subject, called “Upstairs Inferno.”