5 LGBT things you need to know today, Oct. 2

1. Facebook has issued an apology to those caught up in the social network’s “real-name policy” and says they are working on a fix to the problem. The policy led to the suspension of the profiles of numerous drag queens, drag kings and transgender individuals.

2. A white lesbian couple in Illinois is suing a sperm bank for giving them the sperm of a black man instead of the white donor they had chosen. They now have a multiracial two-year-old girl and claim that they have undergone emotional distress because their community lacks diversity.

3. “I went out and got my first Michael Sam jersey. It’s got 15 S’s on the back.” Comedian Aries Spears jokes about Sam, the NFL’s first openly gay player to be drafted, on ESPN’s SportsNation. After the show, he tweeted, “Just left sports nation on Espn! Great crew I probably won’t be bk though! Didn’t know it was Disney operated! LOL.”

4. Republican donors are meeting at a secret LGBT conference today.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: Don’t miss this new music video from singer Hollysiz called “The Light,” showing a father’s journey toward accepting his gender non-conforming child. Beautiful.