Fierce — Atlanta again ranks as one of the gayest cities in America

Um, yes, we are trying to forget Kim Zolicak’s dip into the lesbian pool with DJ Tracy Young. Thanks for the reminder. Not.

We always love (coff, coff) the scoring system devised by the Advocate to determine who makes it as a top gay city. This year’s rankings were decided by, among other things, the number of nude yoga classes available and if a city has a WNBA team. Points were also given for number of LGBT city elected officials and number of LGBT bookstores.

In 2011, the city was ranked No. 7 and in 2010 the city too busy to hate earned the top spot.

The No. 1 city this year? Salt Lake City. It beat out San Francisco (really?) and Portland. Check out the list of the other gayest cities here.


Top photo: The popularity of Black Gay Pride is a reason the Advocate selected Atlanta as one of the gayest cities in America. (by Brent Rence Corcoran)