Gay Atlanta singer-songwriter Lucas Miré hits Eddie’s Attic for CD release party

Gay Atlanta singer-songwriter Lucas Miré is well-known for more of an acoustic guitar-based sound, but this time around he’s switching gears. Miré’s fourth album, “Heyday,” is pure pop and he’s gearing up to show it off at a CD release party this Saturday night, Dec. 6 at Eddie’s Attic.

Miré chose singer Nate Borofsky of the now-defunct band Girlyman as his producer, who proved to be an ideal fit. And he was more involved with Borofsky in the process than he has been with producers in the past.

Lucas Miré is holding a CD release party this Saturday night for his latest album "Heyday". (courtesy photo)
Lucas Miré is holding a CD release party this Saturday night for his latest album “Heyday”. (courtesy photo)

“I’d never been more sure about the final sound I wanted a record to have,” Miré said in a press release. “In the past, I’d kowtowed to the vision of the producer — partly out of a sense of collaboration, partly out of my excitement of watching the songs come to life in any form, and partly out of a lack of confidence. But this time, I knew I’d rather walk away than have an acoustic guitar on it.”

Among the other changes this time around is the tone of the subject matter, which had been darker up till this point.

“My last few records have had very heavy, emotional themes around loss, disappointment, and heartbreak. The songs were largely about the ending of a major romantic relationship and the death of my mother,” explains Miré. “And, while Heyday definitely has dark moments and it’s still my songwriting DNA, its themes of memory and self-acceptance have an intrinsically lighter touch, and the music gives it a more exuberant feeling. I needed to let a little light in somewhere.”

Listen to Lucas Miré’s “You” featuring Doris Muramatsu below.

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Lucas Miré CD Release Party
Saturday, Dec. 6 at 7 p.m.
Eddie’s Attic
Tickets: $12.00 in advance, $16.00 at the door