Black Gay Pride weekend always draws star power to Atlanta, and this year is no exception.

Atlanta is packed with black LGBT party promoters who put on popular events throughout the year, but go all out for Labor Day Weekend when tens of thousands pack the city for the world’s largest African-American LGBT celebration.

This year, you can celebrate “Pure Heat” with Traxx and Traxx Girls, “Peach Fever” with Xplosion Entertainment, “Manual Labor” with Wassup N Atl, “Femme-Nomen-Non” with Girls in the Night, and “Southern Xplosion” with The Lion’s Den.

Celebrities are definitely in the mix: Wassup N Atl features a live performance by legendary singer and actress Melba Moore among its offerings, while Traxx also offers plenty of star wattage.

Stars set to shine for Black Gay Pride nightlife

Still, getting big-name entertainers lined up to perform for LGBT crowds isn’t always easy.

A hiccup of controversy arose this week when the blogosphere started publishing stories that Grammy-award winning singer Ciara abruptly canceled her plans to play at Atlanta’s Black Gay Pride because she is homophobic.

Not true, say Traxx event organizers, who are bringing the singer, actress and fashion designer to their parties to perform live.

“We signed the contract with her [Monday],” says Avian Watson, spokesperson for Traxx Girls.

“She just said, ‘I’m busy, I’m not homophobic,’” Watson adds.

Ciara will perform on Sunday. But she’s not the only major name coming to Atlanta during one of its biggest weekends. Amber Rose — sexy model, singer (and the ex of Kanye West) — will also be making appearances at Traxx Girls and Traxx Atlanta events as well as rising star and rapper Nicki Minaj. MTV will be on hand taping Minaj’s performances as well, Watson says.

“This year is bigger and better than last year,” Watson says. “The staff is more united and we’re joining forces with the Vision Community Foundation and other promoters to make this the best.”

Gerald Thompson, or “G,” of Traxx Atlanta, said this year’s Pride will be “epic.”

Women’s parties tend to garner more than 4,000 people, and Thompson says he fully expects close to 8,000 men to party with Traxx on Saturday night and thousands more at the other parties.

“We listen to what our customers like and then go over the top and keep in touch with the artists so they know what kind of caliber events we put on,” he says.