Leaders from Emory University’s LGBT student organizations and the Greek community came together Tuesday to discuss recent allegations of a student who claimed to have been forcibly removed from an off-campus gathering held by members of the Sigma Nu fraternity.

The unnamed student was involved in an altercation with Emory alum Adam Smith and claimed to have been dragged out of the party by his neck amid anti-gay slurs from other attendees of the party.

The story drew strong reaction from national media outlets and university student groups.

Emory student organizations release statement on alleged anti-gay altercation

Participants of the meeting released a letter condemning the actions of Smith while admitting the university can do more to provide an inclusive environment for LGBT students.

“We believe that every student should feel equally safe and welcome in the community,” the letter states. “However, we must all recognize that Emory is not a perfect place. As a community, we strive to provide a safe, inclusive and supportive environment for all students. For many Emory students, we are successful. Unfortunately, we have failed some of our members in this regard, and we must act on these acknowledgments.”

The letter also acknowledged actions by some students impact the entire university and the student body:

“All people who interact on our campus share the responsibility to remain cognizant of the impact of words and actions, as well as the messages sent to the Emory community and the rest of the world. Students’ words and actions make a profound impact on those around us, the culture within our university and the perception of our institution within a larger context.”

To read the full contents of the open letter, please click here.