In an interview Jan 26 at the store, Rafshoon mentioned if Outwrite raised “a half million” it likely would have been saved.

Rafshoon paid a $1,000 fee to Atlanta bankruptcy attorney Keith Eady on Oct. 13 and another fee of $6,694 to Eady on Nov. 30, as well as a $306 court cost fee.

According to the bankruptcy filing, Outwrite owes $39,773 in unpaid rent to Jodaco Inc., the owner of the property. Outwrite is disputing the claim. On Jan. 10, Jodaco filed a lawsuit of eviction in Fulton State Court.

The store had $298.54 in its checking count as of Jan. 26, according to the filing.

The filing listed Outwrite’s remaining assets as its website domain name,, valued at $20,000; some $3,000 in office equipment; $2,000 in business fixtures and supplies; and $47,000 in inventory, including $30,000 in books.

Outwrite states in the documents that it lost $43,207 in 2009, lost $98,571 in 2010, lost $10,000 in 2011 but made a $5,000 profit in 2012.

Bankruptcy documents lists Outwrite employees as owed $0, and lists multiple other creditors in a variety of amounts, including $690 owed to GA Voice for advertising.

Outwrite also owes taxes to the city of Atlanta totaling $1,763.16 and to Fulton County totaling $3,000.

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