YouthPride has blast at Childish Gambino hip hop concert — but no news where it will relocate

Childish Gambino is the hip hop persona of actor and comedian Donald Glover. And Gambino’s show was apparently a hit with Atlanta fans  and to McPhaul, who has publicly claimed to be a celebrity mental health expert and has written books about the genre, including  “The Psychology of Hip Hop.”

Also posted to the YouthPride website is this statement now promising the organization will reopen June 18:

YouthPride staff are available by appointment only  June 11th through June 14th. Regular operating hours resume on Monday, June 18, 2012.

Please pardon us for the disruptions to scheduling during the past 10 days of the transition. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thanks for all of your calls of support and renewed interest as well. Youth and/or current volunteers can feel free to call Terence at 404.502.8431, if you have pressing questions. Those accessing COUNSELING services, please follow the instructions given you by your COUNSELOR. However, you too may call Terence at the number listed above.

McPhaul had promised via YouthPride’s Facebook pages and website the organization would first reopen on June 4, then be “closed through June 6.”

Also listed under Special Announcement on YouthPride’s website is who to contact if an emergency arises for the youth.


As a TEMPORARY measure, 24/7 helpline callers may as well call 404.502.8431. Those needing true EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE IN CASES WHERE YOU FEEL THAT YOUR LIFE MAY BE IN DANGER BECAUSE OF POSSIBLE SELF-HARM, OR FEAR OF HARM BY SOMEONE ELSE should call 911.

A call to the 404-502-8431 number — which is McPhaul’s personal cell phone number — was not answered and instead a message stated the voicemail box was full and could not take calls.

On YouthPride’s Facebook page, two young people have posted questions asking when and where YouthPride would reopen. No answers have been posted in response.

Top photo: Childish Gambino, the hip hop persona of actor and comedian Donald Glover, performed at a concert in Atlanta on June 10. (via Facebook)