Work It!: Atlanta gay dating service gives gay and bisexual men a Better Way To Meet

Atlanta is a gay man’s paradise. There is an abundance of beautiful, successful and intelligent men in the city. And if conversations had over brunch and on dating apps are any indication, there’s no shortage of Atlanta gay men who are in search of a meaningful connection or have given up on the dating scene entirely to embrace lifelong bachelorhood. If you unwillingly fit into the latter category it will behoove you to check out the Atlanta matchmaking service, “Better Way To Meet.”

Georgia Voice spoke with “Better Way To Meet” consultant Lamont Scales on what sets “Better Way To Meet” apart from other services and why Atlanta gay and bisexual men could benefit.

Georgia Voice: Tell us about the concept for Better Way To Meet.

BW2M: Better Way to Meet (BW2M) was launched on October 6, 2014, by two friends who were weary of using mobile apps and online formats to meet guys. BW2M’s concept is pretty simple: Old fashioned matchmaking for gay men looking for love. BW2M clients meet with a consultant face to face, where they are screened and counseled. There are no apps or online profiles to scroll through, because the BW2M consultant does the matching for each client. Clients are matched and sent on interactive dates (e.g. rock climbing, samba dancing, cooking class, etc.).

What size is the staff? Is there a physical location?

Currently, BW2M has one full-time staff member and uses contractors to recruit new clients and assist with matching clients. BW2M clients meet with their consultant at local eateries in Atlanta (e.g. Starbucks, Panera Bread, and Einstein’s). Clients really appreciate the relaxed atmosphere.

What sets it apart from other dating services?

BW2M meets with every client face to face to make sure each client is ready to be in a healthy relationship. BW2M has a credentialed professional counselor on staff, and is the only matchmaking service owned and operated exclusively by gay men in Atlanta.

Is the service confidential?

Yes, the service is confidential. We respect our clients’ privacy by not allowing potential clients to scroll through a catalog of our clients. A BW2M consultant does the selecting, and obtains permission from a client before sharing his information with a potential match. Also, we only share our clients’ first name with potential matches, so it makes it very hard to do a quick Facebook or Google search for the person.

How many clients are currently using the service?

As of October 2015, BW2M has over 300 clients utilizing the service with an 80-85 percent success rate. We define success as two clients who are still dating or interacting after their initial date.

What can a new client expect during the consultation phase?

During the consultation phase, most clients feel like they are dating their consultant, because we [BW2M] really get to know our clients intimately to assist with finding the right match. An initial consultation is free of charge and typically lasts about 45–60 minutes while having a cup of tea or adult beverage. Afterwards, clients are scheduled for their first date. Clients don’t pay any fees until a match is found for them.

Dating apps are extremely popular among gay/bisexual men. Should gay/bisexual men give more consideration to services like Better Way To Meet?

If you want a quick encounter that may only last for one night, by all means, continue to use mobile apps. Mobile apps are great for meeting guys quickly for adult fun! However, if you are searching for a more meaningful, safe, and fun way to meet guys, then you should definitely consider BW2M. BW2M allows guys to develop genuine relationships that are long lasting and fulfilling.

What is your advice to a potential client who might be on the fence about trying a dating service?

Are you still single? If yes, try a service that will set you up for success! If you try the service, you’re almost guaranteed to meet a handsome guy who you would not have met outside of the service, while having a great first date!


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