LGBTQ Victory Fund Endorses Pete Buttigieg

Out presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has been endorsed by the LGBTQ Victory Fund. According to the Advocate, this is the first time the political action committee has endorsed a presidential candidate.

President and CEO of the LGBTQ Victory Fund Annise Parker announced the endorsement at an event for WorldPride in Brooklyn on Friday (June 28).

While the Victory Fund only endorses LGBTQ candidates, they’ll also only endorse someone who is qualified and viable, who has shown an ability to compete.

“He has absolutely done that,” Parker said. “He’s absolutely brilliant.”

Buttigieg has made history as the first openly gay participant of a presidential debate. His success not only in the race, but also throughout his life, is why the Victory Fund decided to endorse Buttigieg.

During his campaign, Buttigieg is also still serving as the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, which Parker, who served three terms as mayor of Houston, Texas, said is a perfect steppingstone toward presidency.

“There is no better leadership training than being mayor of any size city,” she said. “It’s intense, it’s day-to-day, it’s operational… That same kind of clear-eyed pragmatism…is what America’s longing for in a chief executive.”

Buttigieg is also a Rhodes Scholar and military veteran.

“[B]y having Pete in the race, it keeps LGBTQ issues in the mix,” Parker said. “We should all be proud every time that boyish face is beamed into Americans’ living rooms and changes perceptions of who we are in a very positive way.”