Trans-harrassing Republican primary candidate defeated soundly

She became famous for harassing a trans woman in an L.A. Denny’s and livestreaming it. That was last month. Now, in June, Jazmina Saavedra is in the middle of another round of humiliation: her own.

Saavedra was an aspirant Republican candidate for California’s 44th House District. A vocal Trump supporter, Saavedra ran in the 44th primary, in an attempt to remove incumbent Nanette Barragan, a Democrat.

Barragan scored the nomination, nabbing 66 percent of the vote.

According to Into, the conservative Saavedra “was so far behind in the overall totals that she finished behind a candidate who isn’t even running.” Compton’s mayor, Aja Brown, exited the race after becoming pregnant. Brown still pulled 16.7 percent of the vote, a second-place finish. At the close of the race, Saavedra received ten percent of the primary votes.

Saavedra took third place. The celebrity in the race, actor Stacey Dash, scored fourth place. Dash also exited the race prior to the election.

Saavedra’s infamy is derived from a Facebook post (now removed).

In May, Saavedra followed a trans woman into a Denny’s bathroom, and began to harass her, abusing her verbally and repeatedly misgendering her, calling the trans woman a “Stupid guy.”

Despite pleas from the trans woman, Saavedra continued to record her harassment. Some commenters have suggested that Saavedra’s harassment video was done to raise her own profile.

In a June 7 Twitter post, Saavedra continued to misgender the trans woman, posting “‘HE is still a just a male drug addict using a ladies room.”

According to Gay Star News, “[Saavedra] also implied in it that she had pepper spray and was willing to use it on the woman. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law later called on California’s Attorney General to investigate the congressional candidate.”

Saavedra’s legal prospects were unknown at the time of this writing.