DADT pressure continues

The Charlotte Rainbow Action Network for Equality (CRANE) is in Washington, D.C. today to urge North Carolina senators and representatives to support a repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) policy regarding the discharge of gay and lesbian soldiers.

According to their website, the group is planning to meet with North Carolina Senators Richard Burr (R) and Kay Hagan (D) and Representatives Larry Kissell (D) and Mike McIntyre (D) today. Aside from meeting with the politicians, the group is also displaying 13,500 plastic toy soldiers on the East Lawn to represent those discharged under DADT.

CRANE is also posting YouTube videos from their protest, as well as reactions from activists regarding the policy.

Today’s protest come after Phoenix group H.E.R.O. (Human and Equal rights Organizers) staged a sit-in at John McCain’s Arizona offices, as well recent protests in Washington by Get Equal where Dan Choi and five other activists handcuffed themselves to the gate outside the White House.

For more information, please visit CRANE’s website here.


Photo by Matt Comer, courtesy CRANE