Students: The new front in the ‘culture wars’

Schools in more than 15 Georgia counties, including most of metro Atlanta, have signed on to participate. Click here to see if your school is listed.

“Mix It Up” day follows National Coming Out Day, which was held Oct. 11.

Conservative pundit and not-so-friend-of-the-family Ann Coulter recently sounded off on National Coming Out Day with a hate-filled messages posted to the social networking site Twitter:

Coulter’s post has caused a firestorm of negative backlash in the Twitterverse. Hundreds of users have replied directly to her post to call her out for the insensitive message. It’s not her first run-in with LGBT rights supporters, though. The Walking Dead zombie look-alike has a long history of insensitive anti-gay comments.

I guess Coulter forgot why “It Gets Better” and anti-bullying measures have taken a front seat in the last few years. Our kids are killing themselves, literally, and comments like this do nothing to help put a stop to the epidemic.

Meanwhile, Friday is Spirit Day, when you are encouraged to wear purple to protest anti-LGBT and other forms of bullying.


Top photo: Conservative pundit Ann Coulter takes a break from playing a zombie on AMC’s The Walking Dead to bash National Coming Out Day (via