PETA: Atlanta Pride kickoff party ‘torture’ to aquarium animals

“The UN may have banned the torture of prisoners with music, but it is routinely practiced at the Georgia Aquarium,” Matthews writes in his article.

James Parker Sheffield, executive director of the Atlanta Pride Committee, called Matthews’ article inaccurate and questioned why PETA did not address concerns to the APC before contributing an article to Huffington Post.

“I have complete faith in the staff of the [Georgia] Aquarium. No animals were harmed by our party,” Sheffield said.

“I find it bothersome that an organization with a direct line to us chose to say absolutely nothing,” he added. “Why wasn’t there an encouragement of a conversation? No one called us. No one asked a single question. It’s really hard for me to view this any other way than PETA looking to have their name in the news.”

When asked if the APC would consider moving the venue due to PETA’s concerns, Sheffield said, “Absolutely not.”

Mackenzie Whalen, a spokesperson for the Georgia Aquarium, confirmed today that she was aware of the article and said the Georgia Aquarium was preparing an official response. Whalen said that no animals were harmed during the event or any event held at the aquarium featuring music.


Top photo: The 2011 Atlanta Pride Kickoff Party was held at the Georgia Aquarium for a third consecutive year. (Photo by Brent Corcoran/RNZ Photography)