Which gay bars made Atlanta Magazine’s best of list?

We're catching up with our reading now that the holidays are here and checking out the best places to step out for a cocktail, or three, when we need time for the family. Atlanta Magazine came out this summer w...
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Pride: Diverse honorees represent best of local LGBT communities

Atlanta Pride Grand Marshals

The Atlanta Pride Committee will have a diverse group of grand marshals leading this year’s Pride parade. From a trans woman who won a groundbreaking legal battle to a camp-drag fundraising troupe that’s raised $2 million for HIV/AIDS causes in Atlanta, this year’s group of honorees has contributed to the LGBT rights movement in countless ways.

“We are so proud of our 2012 grand marshals. It is going to be really exciting having such a diverse group of individuals representing the LGBT community at the Atlanta Pride Festival this year,” said Atlanta Pride Board Chair Glen Paul Freedman when the grand marshals were named.

“If you know any of these individuals or members of one of the groups, please congratulate them on this honor... and if you don’t know them, we hope you will show your appreciation of their support for the LGBT community by giving them a wave as they are on the parade route,” he said. “It is really going to be great day for everyone.”

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Best of Atlanta: People


Local Icon

Hands down a favorite of GA Voice readers, Blondie easily soared to the top as the city’s Local Icon. A longtime stripper at the Clermont Lounge who is famous for crushing cans between her breasts, she is also a poet and the subject of the documentary “AKA Blondie,” (www.akablondiefilm.com), which tells the story of a complex figure. She is also no stranger to LGBT issues — she was once married to a gay man and dates women as well as men. Placing second is favorite politician and straight ally U.S. Rep. John Lewis. Cathy Woolard, the first gay person elected to office in Georgia, placed third.