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5 LGBTQ things you need to know today, April 5

1. Voting results suggest that the citizens of Anchorage, Alaska, have rejected the anti-transgender statute Proposition 1. The measure was designed to roll back a civic anti-discrimination ordinance. The propo...

5 LGBT things you need to know today, Sept. 5

1. LGBTs and allies, among other celebrities, react to the death of Joan Rivers.2. “Groundbreaking leaders often don’t come up with the innovative idea so much as recognize when the time is right and demons...
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Topher Payne: Strangers with candy

Playwright and writer Topher Payne

I do all I can to avoid situations where I ask my husband for money. The chasm between Preppy’s income and my own is almost comical, but I like to think I can get by on my earnings without asking for a handout.

Granted, I have no issue with him covering things like health insurance, the mortgage, or household bills. But I will go to great lengths to avoid requesting cash, because then I can maintain my carefully constructed delusion that I am in some way self-sufficient. As a result, I make a lot of trips to the CoinStar with a tube sock full of small change, most of which is also probably my husband’s.

I’m in line at CVS, waiting to purchase deodorant. In one pocket, a sock of coins I’ll be cashing in at my next stop. In the other pocket, nothing but quarters. I pick all the quarters out before I cash in at CoinStar, because they’re almost like real money.