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UPDATE: Atlanta LGBT activists plan National Marriage Equality Day


UPDATE: Organizers of this event have expanded it to name it National Marriage Equality Day and asking people to patronize numerous companies that support LGBT equality in addition to Starbucks on Tuesday. A full list can be found on the Facebook page.

Like your summertime Iced Coffee Venti served with some LGBT equality? Then Aug. 7 is the day for you.

Equally Wed cofounder and editor-in-chief Kirsten Ott Palladino is ready to strike back against the right-wing's successful Chick-fil-A's Appreciation Day and is asking LGBT people and allies to show their support for Starbucks on Aug. 7 as part of National Starbucks Appreciation Day.

Based in Atlanta where Chick-fil-A is also based, Equally Wed is a national online magazine dedicated to celebrating marriage equality.

In a statement, Ott Palladino expressed frustration with people supporting Chick-fil-A on Aug. 1 at the bequest of right-wing radio host and former GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. The fast-food chain recorded record-setting sales on Wednesday. From Ott Palladino:

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Wedding: Meet the women behind Atlanta’s own Equally Wed magazine

Equally Wed

As a child, Kirsten Ott Palladino dreamed of having a beautiful wedding. And when she understood she loved women, it never crossed her mind that she would never have that ceremony.

“I never questioned I would have a wedding when I realized I wanted to marry a woman,” she said. “I never thought, ‘Oh, this is never a possibility.’”

Kirsten Ott and Maria Palladino met in 2003 through mutual friends and knew they were interested in each other, but waited about seven months before they began talking.

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Wedding: Tying the knot

Marni and Casey

Photo by Drew Newman