Is There Room For a Gay Man in Hip Hop?

Atlanta is the home of trap music. We were the first city to commercially trademark the word a few years before the Y2K scare. The classic 808 drum machine defines past and contemporary trap. (That’s the drum m...

Jay-Z’s mother gives emotional award speech

Jay-Z's mother, Gloria Carter, has accepted an LGBTQ award. As she made a speech at the GLAAD Media Awards, she became visibly emotional. Carter, who is a lesbian, told the crowd the story of coming out t...

Terrance Dean: World AIDS Day is every day

My strong and God-fearing grandmother wrapped her weary arms around me, held me close, and cried, “Your mother has AIDS, and your newborn baby brother has the HIV virus.” I remember the room spinning and I beca...
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Pride Profile: Ricky Simone, a hip hop, lesbian human rights activist with a mission

Ricky Simone is a hip hop, lesbian human rights activist. She performs hip hop music and poetry with thought-provoking content intending to inspire love and the liberation of oppressed communities.

“I grew up in Michigan in a poor family,” Simone says. “I knew I wanted a different life. I felt a rumbling in my soul, wondering why some people have things and others don’t.”