High Court of Botswana Decriminalizes Gay Sex

The High Court in African country Botswana has repealed laws that criminalize gay sex, according to PinkNews. The court voted unanimously yesterday (June 11) to overturn Sections 164(a), 164(c), and 167 of t...
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UPDATE: Emory’s Candler School of Theology defends honoring anti-gay reverend


Emory University's Candler School of Theology is well-known for being accepting of LGBT students and faculty. But plans by the renowned theology school to recognize a well-known United Methodist Church reverend who helped organize an effort to ensure the UMC keep its longstanding stance that homosexuality is "incompatible with Christian teaching" has school administrators on the defensive. 

Rev. Dr. H. Eddie Fox, head of World Evangelism for the World Methodist Council, is set to receive a Distinguished Alumni Award. That news rankled many students and led to a 2.5 hour meeting on Sept. 13 between Jan Love, Dean and Professor of Christianity and World Politics in the Candler School of Theology; other faculty and members of Sacred Worth, a student government organization.

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Augusta grad student goes before federal appeals court over anti-gay beliefs

An Augusta State University counseling student is appearing before the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals today asking not to be expelled from the school because she believes homosexuality is a sin, according to a report by the Associated Press.

Jennifer Keeton, who is studying to be a school counselor for students in grades K-12, filed a lawsuit against the university on July 21, 2010, in the United States District Court Southern Division in Augusta, claiming that the school threatened to expel her because of her Christian belief that being gay or transgender is immoral.

Keeton is represented by the Alliance Defense Fund, an organization dedicated to defending "traditional family values." In her lawsuit, Keeton claimed her First Amendment rights were violated by the university because it stated her biblical opposition to homosexuality — that she would state in class and to other students — went against the professional code for being an ethical counselor.

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Anti-gay Shorter University teacher and Ga. state rep joins ‘personhood’ movement

The "personhood" movement is coming to Georgia and is, no surprise, being led by a Georgia state lawmaker who is also anti-gay.

Jim Galloway of the AJC is reporting that there are plans for two state lawmakers to introduce a "personhood" resolution, part of a national movement that states life begins at fertilization.

And who would be one of the lawmakers wanting to introduce the legislation? Galloway points out that one sponsor is Democrat Rick Crawford of Cedartown. Just so happens Crawford, who took office in 2007, is also a political science teacher at Shorter University. Yes, that Shorter University that recently mandated its employees sign a "Personality Lifestyle Statement" which includes this gem:

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‘Moral objection policy’ cited by printer for not doing business with Atlanta gay-owned company

A local company is refusing to print materials for Atlanta's gay-owned Carma Productions citing its "Moral Objection Policy" that includes a rule to reject "homosexual materials."

Thomas Ryan, CFO and publisher of Carma Productions, which produces among other items the Gay Community Yellow Pages, sent an email to Fatina Malik of Media Graphix based in Norcross on Oct. 31 expressing his "shock" that the company declined to estimate a cost for printing between 2,500-5,000 copies of a media kit for the Gay Community Yellow Pages. According to Ryan, Media Graphix printed a similar project for Carma Productions in 2010.

Malik stated in an Oct. 31 email to Heidi Reis, executive vice president of Carma Productions, that  Media Graphix would have to decline estimating the cost of printing the media kit for the GCYP in response to a request sent by Reis on Oct. 28. The request from Reis asked for a price of the job and asked for it to be finished by Nov. 2.

"Thank you for your interest in Media Graphix. We will have to decline quoting this job because it conflicts with our Moral Objection Policy. Please see the attached. I'm sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks!" Malik responded Oct. 31 in an email to Reis.