5 LGBT things you need to know today, Jan. 22

1. “You will be sued as a district and perhaps as individuals. You will spend six figures fighting it -- hundreds of thousands of dollars that should be spent in classrooms. And you will lose.” A lawyer had str...

5 LGBT things you need to know today, March 23

1. Want to know what kind of campaign Sen. Ted Cruz is going to run? Check the location of his first speech following his late Sunday night tweet announcing his candidacy for U.S. president—the anti-LGBT, evang...
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Conservative blogger warns of God’s wrath over Obama marriage stance

Joseph Farah, the mustache-wielding, right-wing blogger, issued a warning to his readers, saying that the United States will feel God's wrath over President Obama's political position on same-sex marriage.

Farah, publisher of the conservative website World Net Daily, writes:

Obama and the other champions of this perversion are arrogantly defying an institution literally defined by God in the Garden of Eden and affirmed by His Son Jesus during His earthly ministry. So anyone claiming to be a Bible-believing Christian who rejects that definition has some serious soul-searching to do – not to mention some exegetic rationalization.

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Faith & Religion: How to counter anti-gay religious arguments

The Holy Bible

From slogans to the so-called “clobber” passages, verses in the Bible commonly used to condemn homosexuality, we as LGBT people frequently encounter religious objections to everything from our full equality to our very existence.

Rev. Mel White, a former speechwriter for Jerry Falwell turned openly gay religious leader, attacks these arguments head on in “What the Bible Says (And Doesn’t Say) About Homosexuality,” a 24-page booklet available through Soulforce, the organization White founded to counter anti-LGBT religious bigotry with non-violence.

Here are excerpts to help you counter and understand the passages commonly used against us. You can download the entire PDF for free or order a print copy for $3 at www.soulforce.org.