Transgender Woman Ashanti Carmon Murdered in Maryland

Trans woman of color Ashanti Carmon was reportedly fatally shot in Maryland on the eve of the International Day of Transgender Visibility (TDOV), reported ABC7. Carmon was shot to death early Saturday mornin...

Gabriel Acevero Makes History in Md. General Assembly

Gabriel Acevero made history on Nov. 6, 2018, when he became the first openly gay man of Afro-Latino descent to be elected to the Maryland General Assembly. He took office on Jan. 9, the first day of this year’...

5 LGBT things you need to know today, Jan. 13

1. At his Senate confirmation hearing yesterday, Dr. Ben Carson (who's been nominated as Housing and Urban Development secretary by Donald Trump) responded to a question about LGBT discrimination by saying ...
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Brad Pitt throws starpower (and money) into marriage equality fight

Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt has promised to match up to $100,000 in donations to the Human Rights Campaign, the LGBT advocacy organization announced today.

HRC says it will use the funds in marriage battleground states Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington state.

“Brad Pitt’s partnership with HRC in this closing week delivers vital resources into these campaigns and we’re proud to be working with him as we show that fundamental fairness will win at the ballot box,” HRC President Chad Griffin said today in a prepared statement. “With his commitment, Brad joins HRC in a tremendous coalition of religious leaders, business leaders, labor groups, civil rights organizations and everyday, fair-minded Americans supporting marriage for gay and lesbian couples.”

Pitt, in an email to HRC supporters, urged continued donations ahead of Tuesday's general election.

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Wedding: Fight for your right to marry

There are many organizations working to secure the rights for same-sex couples to legally wed. Here are a few who are leading the way. Visit their websites to learn more about the issues and how you can join the fight by donating time or funds.


Washington United for Marriage

Same-sex marriage is scheduled to begin in the state of Washington on June 7, 2012, unless opponents are able to gather enough signatures to get a ballot measure to overturn gay marriage approved for the November 2012 election. Washington United for Marriage is a coalition working to defend marriage equality.

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[Breaking] Maryland’s Gov. signs marriage equality into law

2012 has already been a memorable year for marriage equality advocates.

Today, Maryland became the eighth state to allow same-sex marriages, after the state's Gov. Martin O'Malley signed a marriage equality bill into law late this afternoon.

Six states, Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont, plus Washington, D.C., allow same-sex marriage rights while Maryland and Washington state may see a referendum put to voters during the November elections to decide the fate of same-sex unions.

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Marriage equality: New Jersey, Washington, Maryland next?

Washington's Gov. Chris Gregoire

Proactive efforts got underway this month to allow gay couples to marry in at least three more states.

Democratic leaders in the New Jersey legislature announced Jan. 9 their intent to introduce a marriage equality bill. Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire (D), a long-time supporter of rights for same-sex couples, announced Jan. 4 that she would introduce such a bill in her state.

And in Maryland, where a marriage equality bill passed the state Senate but not the House in March 2011, Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) has said he will sponsor marriage legislation in 2012 and will take an active role in moving the bill forward this year. And Maryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. (D-Calvert) has indicated his chamber will shortly take action on such a measure.