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Too far? Gay activist ‘glitter bombs’ Minnesota protesters

Glitter Bomb kid

As Minnesota for Marriage protested outside of the General Mills headquarters in Minneapolis last week, a young gay activist and a few of his friends decided to counter the not-so-positive message with their own take on the “glitter bomb.”

The protest was organized after General Mills brand Oreo was featured in a rainbow-themed Pride advertisement. The ad, originally posted to the social networking site Facebook, created an instant firestorm among anti-gay groups and prompted a call for protest.

“We’ve heard from hundreds of people who are extremely disappointed with General Mills’ opposition to the marriage amendment,” said Minnesota for Marriage Deputy Campaign Manager Andy Parrish when the group announced a planned protest of the company's headquarters.

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[Video] The best reaction to Romney’s response to Gingrich’s presidential pull out

Newt Gingrich FINALLY suspended his GOP presidential bid today amid dreams of moon colonies and hating on Barack Obama.

Gingrich didn't explicitly endorse his opponent, Mitt Romney, in his farewell speech/lecture today. (A full endorsement is forthcoming, apparently.) But Romney apparently tried to play nice, even though he and Gingrich are as likely friends in real life as Sharon Needles is with, well, any other drag queen who gets in her way.

Romney tweeted this after Newt's farewell speech today:

 .@NewtGingrich has brought creativity and intellectual vitality to American political life. Proud to call him a friend.

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Newt Gingrich drops White House bid

Newt Gingrich

In news that we already knew before it was news, former Speaker of the House and perennial divorcee Newt Gingrich has officially dropped his bid to become the next president of the United States.

Gingrich made the announcement at a Wednesday press conference.

In a video concession posted on the internet Tuesday by the Gingrich campaign, Newt thanked supporters for fueling his long-shot candidacy and called his bid “a terrific campaign.”