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By the numbers: New York City teenage sex statistics

6.9 Percent of sexually active male teens in a New York City survey who said they had sex either with males and females or only other males. 11.9 Percent of sexually active female teens in the survey who said t...
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Atlanta therapist delves into ‘lesbian bed death’

Clinical psychologist and sex therapist Dr. Glenda Corwin

A clinical psychologist in Atlanta, Dr. Glenda Corwin has spent a decade focusing on sexual intimacy between women. Her message to female couples? The rumored and feared “lesbian bed death” doesn’t have to happen, but it takes work to keep the sexual flames burning.

“Over the years working as a therapist with lesbian clients, I have heard them discuss their fear that there’s no way to keep passion alive in a long-term relationship – that lesbian bed death is inevitable,” Corwin says.