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UPDATED: YouthPride delays reopening; leaves many items behind after move


YouthPride, the Atlanta LGBT youth organization founded in 1995 to help young people with coming out and other issues, moved out of its space Friday evening. The organization was forced to move after being evicted by its landlord, Inman Park United Methodist Church, for not paying rent.

But YouthPride promised via its website and Facebook page to reopen on Monday. Today, the organization's executive director states via Facebook it will reopen on Tuesday, June 5.

YouthPride will be closed Monday, June 4, 2012, we will re-open on Tuesday, June 5,2012. Any questions or concerns feel free to contact Terence McPhaul @ 404.502.8431.

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Packed up and moved out, YouthPride still has no new home


Three movers from All My Sons Moving and Storage showed up at 1017 Edgewood Ave. June 1 ready to load up YouthPride's belongings that are apparently being relocated to a storage facility.

The LGBT youth organization was forced to move out of its space by May 31 at Inman Park United Methodist Church as part of a court settlement over unpaid rent and fees. YouthPride missed the May 31 deadline but church officials said they allowed the organization an extra day to move out.

While the LGBT youth organization states on its website it will close for the weekend and reopen Monday, YouthPride Executive Director Terence McPhaul refuses to say where that space will be. He has been confrontational in the past when asked and not returned numerous emails, phone calls as well as text messages.

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Atlanta LGBT youth organization ordered out of current space; new site not known

YouthPride's landlord Inman Park United Methodist Church will change the locks of the LGBT youth facility at 1017 Edgewood Ave. on Friday, June 1, and soon move in a new tenant, but where YouthPride will relocate remains unknown.

YouthPride was to move out of its space in Inman Park on May 31 according to a court settlement with Inman Park UMC. YouthPride had failed to pay some $50,000 in rent and fees and the church said it had no choice but to take legal action.

On the YouthPride website, an entry states: "Movie night is canceled for tonight, Thursday, May 31, 2012. YouthPride will be closed Friday, June 1, 2012, and Saturday, June 2, 2012. Will reopen Monday, June 4, 2012."

A post to the YouthPride Atlanta Facebook page also stated the organization will be closed Friday, June 1, and Saturday, June 2, and reopen Monday, June 4.

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United Way releases funding back to YouthPride after investigation

The United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta has lifted its hold on donations designated for YouthPride after conducting an investigation into the LGBT youth nonprofit spurred by donor complaints and finding no wrongdoing.

“After looking into the complaints against YouthPride by our generous donors, United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta has decided to lift the hold on designated donor funds to the organization. We have alerted YouthPride and our donors of our decision,” United Way spokesperson David Graves said April 30 in a prepared statement.

Graves said April 13 that United Way had opened an investigation into YouthPride after receiving complaints from donors who made donations to YouthPride through United Way.

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United Way withholds individual donor money to YouthPride

United Way of Metro Atlanta is currently withholding individual donor contributions to YouthPride after donor complaints and community concerns were made about the LGBT youth nonprofit.

United Way allows donors to direct their financial contributions to specific charities. David Graves, spokesperson for United Way of Atlanta, said donor-directed funds are no longer being funneled to YouthPride.

"We took the step recently of holding designated funds (dollars individuals donate directly to YouthPride through United Way) after acknowledging donor complaints and growing community concerns over internal challenges at the organization," Graves said in a statement to the GA Voice.

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JustUsATL outlines goals for new Atlanta LGBT youth group


Former members of YouthPride are moving ahead with plans for a new Atlanta LGBT youth organization as the troubled agency remains silent about where it will move after being forced out of its current home due to unpaid rent.

YouthPride Executive Director Terence McPhaul declined an interview this week. The organization must move next month from its space at 1017 Edgewood Ave. and faces a crisis in leadership after admitting that its board of directors has dwindled to below the minimum required in its bylaws and hasn’t met since December 2010.

McPhaul said in a brief statement last month that new sites were being explored and the formation of a new board of directors is “moving fast.” He stressed that YouthPride remains open and operating.

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Atlanta youth leaders describe ideas for new LGBT community center


Dreams for a new space, a new executive director and a heavy presence in Atlanta's LGBT communities are at the forefront of what the youth behind JustUsATL are hoping for as they move forward in establishing a new organization serving young people.

At a March 31 town hall forum some 40 people showed up, more than half young people, to discuss the future of a new organization to serve metro Atlanta's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and gender nonconforming young people who are no longer satisfied with resources offered at the troubled YouthPride.

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LGBT youth form ‘JustUsATL’ as option to crumbling YouthPride

YouthPride executive director Terence McPhaul

As YouthPride continues to face obstacles including a funding crisis, a group of young people who have used its services before are now breaking off to begin forming their own organization.

The group, named JustUsATL, hosts a town hall forum on March 31 at Greater Smith Church at 7 p.m.

“LGBTQ young people including teens and young adults have come together in a consensus-based process to form a new organization,” the group stated in a press release on March 22, the day after a Fulton Magistrate judge ordered YouthPride vacate its premises as part of a settlement agreement with its landlord, Inman Park United Methodist Church.

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[Updated] LGBTQ youth rise up to start new organization as YouthPride crumbles

As YouthPride continues to face obstacles including a funding crisis, a group of young people who have used its services before are now breaking off to begin forming their own organization.

In a press release sent today, members of "JustUsATL" are hosting a town hall forum on March 31 at Greater Smith Church at 7 p.m. The church is located at 183 Mayson Ave., Atlanta, GA 30303. More information about the group and town hall can be found on JustUsATL's Facebook page.

"LGBTQ young people including teens and young adults have come together in a consensus-based process to form a new organization," states the press release.

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Inman Park UMC allows YouthPride to stay in space ‘for now’

At a Fulton Magistrate Court hearing today, Inman Park United Methodist Church agreed to allow YouthPride stay in its space for now as a way to settle the disagreements between the two parties "peacefully," according to the church's attorney.

The consent order was reached before today's hearing but the specifics of the agreement won't be available until tomorrow after it is signed by a judge, said Peter Morgan, attorney representing Inman Park UMC.

"We came to an agreement … to settle things peacefully and to the benefit of both parties," Morgan said following the hearing.

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Local activist says it’s time to step up to help LGBT youth in midst of YouthPride crisis

A startup community initiative for "a safe and brighter future for Atlanta's LGBT Youth Rising!" is being organized by a local activist who worked with the volunteer task force that investigated the viability of YouthPride and found it to be in deep debt and disarray.

A Facebook event created by Maggie Lopez late Thursday asks for adults and youth to organize together in the midst of the financial crisis YouthPride is facing.

"It is evident that the demand for services and a safe community center for LGBT youth is larger than any one current organization. The cry for 'someone' to provide alternatives to the status quo in this community has gone on long enough without anyone stepping forward. So, to that end, I invite everyone interested, to come together in unity, sow the seeds that will take root to begin the endeavor," Lopez states.