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The GA Voice Source membership

You read us online and in print. You follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Now you can be even more connected to the GA Voice community by joining the Source, our new membership program.

In journalism, the term “source” refers to where we go for information; it’s where our stories come from. For GA Voice, the Source represents the circle of our community: You are our source for inspiration and information, and we are your source for sharing and connecting that information across all of the different, diverse communities who make up LGBT Georgia.

By joining the Source, you help us expand our efforts to provide in-depth, quality news and features — by and for our community.  

And with the Source, we reward your support. Your $30 annual membership in the Source puts you in the inner circle for all of the best offers and deals that we bring to GA Voice readers. Each month, we will have two drawings of great prizes, only for Source members.

Your membership is also your invitation to special Source-only gatherings. Each quarter, we will invite you to join the GA Voice staff for a special happy hour with free appetizers, great small-group conversation with others who care about our community, and occasional special guests.

Welcome to the Source, and thank you for being ours.