“I played by ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’ I just don’t agree with what the Rapid City police department did.”

Former Air Force Sgt. Jene Newsome, who was discharged for being lesbian after local police, who came to her home to serve a warrant on her wife, saw their Iowa marriage license and informed the military. (Associated Press, March 13)

“What I really meant was that the sound of the guitar is very happy.”

Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash, backtracking after initially saying the guitar hook on Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” was “gay.” (Spinner, March 15)

“Please be assured that the ‘gender identity and sexual orientation’ of cast members has never been a consideration in the selection of tour performers.”

“Stars on Ice” tour organizers in a press release responding to charges that the figureskating show declined to include flamboyant Olympian Johnny Weir for not being ‘family friendly.’ Weir declines to discuss his sexual orientation (Associated Press, March 15)

Will Phillips photo © 2010 Larry Busacca/WireImag