Speaking Out: Readers react to Atlanta Housewives and The A List

‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’: Funny, embarrassing, or both?

Re: Discussion of new season (facebook.com/thegavoice, Oct. 5)

“The whole cast is off their rocker. But crazy sells. I’m almost embarrassed to tell people I live in Atlanta. They have given Atlanta a bad name the world round.”

“I wish they would really name the show what it is: “The Broke Down Biatches of Atlanta.” Kim and Kandi are the only ones that actually own their homes. Sheree and NeNe have houses Bravo pays for them to use as a set while they really live in a broke down trailer somewhere. At least Phaedra is married but she might be boring like DeShawn was. Especially since she’s prego.”

“Proves Bravo will do anything even if it means painting Atlanta as a big joke. Total trash!”

“Bad show, great city!”

“Kim is a complete and total fraud. Her hair is fake, her boobs are fake, her relationship with “Big Poppa” is fake, her same-sex relationship is fake, her “wealth” is fake and her “singing” voice is totally fake. For a show that calls itself the “real” housewives of anywhere, there’s not one damned thing about Kim that is real. With all the phenomenally successful business women who are proud to call Atlanta home, how is it that this despicable media whore gets on TV?”

“I am not sure that it represents “in-town” Atlanta, which is the only Atlanta that I know. Seems like it could be called “Real Suburban Housewives of ATL.” I would love to see some of the really rich old blue-blood Buckhead women involved. Who knows what shenanigans they could get into after a few swigs of gin?!”

Mixed reviews for gay series ‘The A List: New York’

Re: Discussion of new gay reality series (facebook.com/thegavoice, Oct. 5)


“Annoying, in a slap-your-face kind of way.”

“Better than what I thought it would be, but some of those guys… “A List” … really?”

“A bunch of preening guys talking about how wonderful and amazing they are … not lots of fun. The hairdresser gives me the skeeves and Reichen, poor thing. While I appreciate his efforts, to call himself an “authority” on DADT is a little ridiculous. However, if I can get through episodes of the trainwreck that is “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” I can give this a shot.”

“It is a show that highlights every single bad stereotype there is about the gay community.”

“It was crap. The GOP and National Organization for Marriage types could use the first episode alone to swing the vote against repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” allowing gay marriage and adoption. I thought it was an embarrassment.”

Praise for Chambliss for dumping anti-gay staffer

Re: “Chambliss removes staffer over anti-gay blog comment” (thegavoice.com, Sept. 30; discussion at facebook.com/thegavoice)

“Good. Better late than never. And kudos to the Queer Justice League for taking action. This would have been swept under the rug otherwise.”

“Chambliss is a class act! When is Roy Barnes going to give back the campaign donation from the anti-gay pedophile Bishop Eddie Long? Nathan Deal needs to withdraw from the governor’s race and balance his checkbook.”

““Chambliss is a class act”? That’s sarcasm, right? Chambliss is a homophobic reptile.”


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