Hey, Regular Guys: It’s not punishment to kiss a guy

Re: “Kissing dudes and ‘The Regular Guys’” (Blog by Bo Shell, GA Voice art director, May 19)

They are a bunch of homophobes with their own latent tendencies. I cannot believe they are still on the air.

They are still on the air because they are funny. This country is becoming a very unfunny place to be. Everyone is so sensitive. Lighten up, folks.

Speaking out: Your comments on radio shock jocks and ‘kissing a dude’

Wow. A lesbian in support of homophobic jokes delivered by a homophobe.

Lighten up? Seriously? What if the loser was forced to kiss a black person? Would that be funny? I like to think that I’ve got a pretty good sense of humor about the whole PC thing, but that is just blatant homophobia.

I vote with my dial and never listen to 100.5 because of the Regular Guys and their homophobic comments. While I don’t really think that this incident is by the far the worst of their actions, it is a mild irritant, but if they weren’t homophobic it could have been funny.

Keep the shirt on your back to rally against homophobia?

Re: “Gallery: Shirt Off My Back rallies on International Day Against Homophobia” and “Why a clothing donation campaign is taking a stand against homophobia” (May 17 and May 18, thegavoice.com)

A wonderful cause, but seeing LGBT activists in various states of undress, again, is tiresome.

Can we not make an impact with our clothes on at some point? It’s not about being obscene. It’s about continuing to alienate those whose eyes we want to open.

The campaign has nothing to do with being naked or offensive. It derived from the concept of people taking their shirt off their back and giving it to someone in need.

Not to denigrate this fine effort, but if you really wanted to impact the public this should be “Nudists against Homophobia” — then you would make national news and CNN every 15 minutes. (Grin)

Like the speakers said afterwards at Virginia-Highland Church, every little effort made is a step in the right direction to show that we don’t want special rights, we just want equality. I fear no one and wish no one to fear me; everyone is my friend.

Waste of time to call Chambliss about ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

Re: “HRC to Sen. Saxby Chambliss: Vote to end ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’” (thegavoice.com, May 24)

Yeah, well, HRC will make him change his mind: LOL. I called Chambliss’ office today. I was hung up on by the time I asked Chambliss to repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t … click.

I called and told them: I just wanted to let you know that I am a gay Columbus, Ga., resident. I was all set to join the Navy Nuclear Program. I decided not to do this because one of the core values of the military is honesty.

I’m sorry but contacting Chambliss on this issue is a total waste of time.