5 LGBT things you need to know today, May 6

1. In the wake of L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s lifetime banishment from the NBA for making racist comments, more voices are calling attention to the anti-gay owners of the Orlando Magic, the DeVos family. Here’s a roundup of the anti-gay quotes and donations made by the family.

2. You might remember reading a few weeks ago in 5 LGBT Things about Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black getting dis-invited to give the commencement address at his college alma mater, after the issue of his leaked 2009 pictures of him having sex with his boyfriend resurfaced again. Black published a blistering editorial in the school’s local paper, then the replacement speaker was found to be transphobic, and now the school has reversed course and re-invited Black to speak.

3. French film auteur Sébastien Lifshitz has spent 20 years combing through vintage photos at garage sales, flea markets and on eBay looking for collections of queer life. He’s now releasing the findings in a new book called “The Invisibles: Vintage Portraits of Love and Pride.” Take a look at some of the pics and a video here.

4. “It’s just great that people who for years have been disguising what they were are now free to be what they are.” Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg discusses gay marriage and the Windsor case with the Wall Street Journal.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: The trailer for “The Case Against 8,” the documentary about the Prop 8 trial, has been released. The film has picked up awards at the Sundance and SXSW festivals and is opening in theaters in limited release in June and airs on HBO on June 23.