5 LGBT things to know today, Sep. 8

1. Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is supporting defiant KY clerk Kim Davis by sparring with former SF Gov. Gavin Newsome. In a fiery exchange with Huckabee over Twitter, Newsom rejected the idea Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis’ actions are on par with his decision in 2004 to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples in San Francisco even though California law at the time prohibited same-sex marriage.

2. Two gay policemen were married in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain on September 5 while dressed in their full police uniforms, in what many believe is a world first.

3.You may want to stop boasting about your gift of gaydar. Find out why the idea may be insulting. Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison conducted the study to challenge the so-called “gaydar myth” in a new paper recently published in the Journal of Sex Research. Researchers found that although many view the idea as harmless, it is actually still stereotyping – just in a more subtle form.

4. Gay Atlanta filmmaker Courtney Walter thoughtfully examines the representation (or lack thereof) of black gay characters in mainstream television and film. 

5. VIDEO: She had it coming! Randy Rainbow stars in the 'Kim Davis Cell Block Tango.'