Local LGBT groups organize protests against major retailers over political donations

Target, Best Buy protest today

In the aftermath of Target donating to a political action committee funding an anti-gay gubernatorial candidate in Minnesota, local activists plan to protest at the Edgewood Shopping Center Target and Best Buy today from 10 a.m. to noon.

Georgia Equality issued a press release today citing the reasons for a protest, despite an apology from Target, Corp.

Target and Best Buy have been champions for workplace equality for many years. However, they each recently gave large political donations to a group in Minnesota that used the contributions to advance an anti-equality candidate. This was extremely hurtful to all fair-minded Americans.

While Target has issued an apology, they have refused to “make it right” by giving an equal donation to pro-equality organizations. Best Buy has failed to respond at all to our community.

We need to keep the pressure on Target and Best Buy to let them know that they need to take appropriate steps to win back the loyalty of fair-minded consumers.

Participants are urged to bring signs that call on the retail giants to “make it right.” For more information, please visit the event’s Facebook page.

Edgewood Retail District
Moreland Avenue at Caroline Street
Atlanta, GA  30307