As of today, the Harlem Shake is over — but wait, what was it?

The UGA men’s swim and dive team has more than 1 million views of its YouTube version of the Harlem Shake — underwater. Impressive.

Atlanta film production company Bland Hack, which also made a video to hawk its HEbrew app for gay Jewish men, made its own Harlem Shake video on MARTA.

Basically, in the Harlem Shake meme the song begins with one person wearing a mask or helmet dancing while others around him don’t seem to notice. Then, when the bass drops, everyone and more joins in and dances crazily in costumes and with props. And at 30 seconds a pop, it’s so easy to watch one after the other after the other after the other.

Personally, I haven’t gotten tired of them after studying and researching for the past several days. But with the Today show cast and crew putting out its own Harlem Shake video today (and can anyone look at Al Roker anymore without thinking of him pooping his pants?) and this guy Freddie Wong, a YouTube superstar, making his feelings known, the meme is being declared officially over by snarky bloggers at Gawker and esteemed journalists at The Atlantic.

In case you missed out on this internet sensation, however, you now have the chance to catch up with the thousands already out there. And for you gay guys, Towleroad has compiled the best of the Harlem Shake videos with hot shirtless men. Take a peek here.

Creative Loafing reports the video has been around for awhile and those in the video are totally not really doing the real Harlem Shake.

Here are the ones from UGA and Bland Hack to start your off on your next 10 minutes to 2 hours of wasting time instead of working:

The video where the Harlem Shake is declared officially over:

And the video being blamed for brutally killing the Harlem Shake:

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