Survey Shows Americans are Least Interested in Gay James Bond

An actor has yet to be chosen to replace Daniel Craig in the classic James Bond film series but a new survey conducted by the Hollywood Reporter and Morning Consult reveals that Americans are willing to be open-minded to more diversity in the films. However, they aren’t too keen on a gay James Bond.

2,201 U.S. adults were surveyed on how they would feel if the iconic British Secret Service agent switched ethnicity, gender and even sexuality.

Only 28 percent of the people surveyed said they would be interested in a gay Bond. This factor was the change that received the least amount of support in the entire survey.

In contrast, 52 percent of people were on board to make Bond black. When asked if Idris Elba, who has been a longtime contender for the role, should play the part 63 percent said yes.

As for a Hispanic bond, 39 percent were for the idea, and an Asian Bond sparked the interest of 37 percent.

Switching Bond’s gender wasn’t a favorite among the group either. Only 37 percent thought making Bond a woman would be a good idea.

Story courtesy of the Washington Blade.