Stage comedy highlights gay look on vampire mythology

‘Kiss of the Vampire’ opens tonight

‘Kiss of the Vampire’
March 25 – April 16 at Onstage Atlanta
2597 North Decatur Road
Decatur, GA 30033

The gay-themed vampire comedy “Kiss of the Vampire” opens today via Process Theatre. It’s a world premiere by local gay playwright Johnny Drago. In the production, gay couple Vince (Scotty Gannon) and Arthur (Ian Gaenssley) are having relationship woes even before scientist Arthur brings home a bat that bites Vince and makes him slowly turn into a vampire. Also in their apartment complex is Brunhelga (Pat Bell), who is a vampire hunter.

“Kiss of the Vampire” is directed by openly gay DeWayne Morgan, who believes that the LGBT community can certainly relate to vampire mythology.

“We know about being outsiders, being misunderstood, not fully accepted by society,” he says.

Yet the play isn’t a message piece – it’s a farcical, “very funny” piece, he says.