Cher musical to open soon

If you haven't been thinking about Cher lately, snap out of it. A stage show about the industry-spanning star of screen and sound will be visiting Broadway soon. The musical is titled "The Cher Show," and wi...
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Topher Payne: Bad day prepper

Playwright and writer Topher Payne

Well, it turns out the Mayans were just as reliable about predicting the end of our civilization as they were at predicting their own.

I was charitable enough to give them until the end of the year, but 2012 officially came to a close without any of the pyrotechnics promised by doomsday preppers or John Cusack collecting a paycheck. Oh well. Guess I’ll get to that laundry I was putting off.

When folks watch a movie like “2012” (which no one should) or a TV show like “Walking Dead” (which everyone should), they tend to put themselves in the shoes of the survivors, saying, “I’d get myself to an army base, because they’re totally secure and I could pig out on MREs.”

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Three-way sex and love of shrimp topics of debut reading by gay Atlanta author ‘Dale Vigor’


Johnny Drago is a writer who likes to tackle everything from 6-foot tall vaginas to soap opera dinner theater.

But Drago has also been writing "erotic satire" under a pseudonym, "Dale Vigor," that takes on the subjects of pornography, gay relationships and, well, seafood.

Vigor makes his debut reading on Wednesday, Jan. 25, at 8 p.m. at the Drive-By Theater Project. Drago answered a few questions about himself and Vigor ahead of the reading dubbed "Pornography vs. Art." The reading will include explicit material and is intended for mature (mature?) audiences only.