Bishop Jim Swilley’s inspiring story, plus ‘J.Edgar,’ Disappear Fear and more

Mega-church pastor reflects on a year after coming out

Our new print edition sits down with Bishop Jim Swilley, the Conyers pastor who made national headlines when he came out last year, to find out about his new ministry, his relationship with his now ex-wife, and what it is like to live no longer afraid.

You’ll also hear from SONiA, lead singer of the band Disappear Fear, about her new album, upcoming show at Eddie’s Attic, and what it means to be an out Jewish lesbian performer. You’ll get the rundown on “J. Edgar,” the new film about the FBI director who was rumored to be gay, and on the upcoming Transgender Day of Remembrance vigil.

Of course, you get our “Best Bets” events for the next two weeks; “Outspoken,” the most outrageous recent quotes on LGBT issues; spotlights on local gay non-profits, businesses and personalities; “Domestically Disturbed,” columnist Topher Payne’s ongoing look at the triumphs and challenges of work, friendship, and gay married life; and “That’s What She Said,” our column by former Q100 radio personality Melissa Carter.

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