ATL hot gay dads achieve national fame with beautiful photos of family life

Kordale and Kaleb of Atlanta are touching the hearts of many with photos of them with their children that have gone viral — but also causing some hateful responses.

Together for three years, Kordale, 24, of Chicago, and Kaleb, 24, an Atlanta native, have been posting photos of themselves striking sexy poses as well as family photos to their Facebook page and Instagram account and this week a photo of them combing their daughters’ hair made numerous national blogs including Queerty, PolicyMic and Frontiers. They also have a young son.

The photo posted Jan. 14 that sent the couple and their family to fame:

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Written beneath the photo: “Being fathers is getting our daughters up at 5:30 am making breakfast getting them dressed for school and putting them on the bus by 6:30 .This is a typical day in our household . It’s not easy but we enjoy every moment and eveny minute of #fatherhood . #proudfathers #blackfathers #prouddads #gaydads”

Who are these guys? Read a great Q&A with them in the January issue of Urbansocialites. And from their public fan Facebook page:

My name is Kordale and I am from Chicago, IL. I am currently employed with the family medical transportation business where I assist patients with their needs. On the contrary my love Kaleb was born and raised in Atlanta, GA where we currently reside. Kaleb is employed at a reputable company here in the city of Atlanta. Together, Kaleb and I have three beautiful biological children; two girls and a boy who we love dearly. As most parents, our goal is to provide for our kids while instilling great morals and values that well help them become productive people in this ever-changing world!

One negative response:

Travis Miller This just shows how much control the devil has over the world to where ppl really think it’s koo for 2 ppl of the same sex to be together nd raise a family wow…. I’m sure these dudes are some damn good ppl nd are raising those kid’s with nothing but love but it don’t make it right. You can’t say you believe in the Bible nd still think this is OK God’s word is God’s word. And the reason why I bring the bible nd God into it is because when we die all that’s go matter is did we live by his words….

And another negative comment:

Norm Skii Scriven Dats some sick shit. God ain’t created men to be wit men. Im outraged that you would say something like dat sir/maam whatever the fuck u wanna be. A man that thinks he a woman only in his mind is a fucked up individual. Yall da fuckin each other and yall shitty dick as down low niggas passing diseases to women cuz u mad u got infected but what u think gon happen if you stick yo dick in a shit sack? You mf`s need to be on a planet by yourselves and blow dat bitch up! We don’t have to accept dat shit bc you made a choice to be gay. I respect your wishes but i dont like it or condone it. What i dont like is the ones who act str8 and having sex with both sex and the whole time they really want another man. Smh.

And then the positive responses (which vastly outnumbered the negative):

Kelly Wildeye you gentlemen have such a beautiful family! thank you for having the courage to post about your lives like this.. i hope that some day, for those folks who are still living with their eyes closed or for the folks who are still too fearful and feel like they need to hide in the shadows, that this will no longer be something that is viewed as unique.. love the ink too!


Karma Lewis I can’t believe the negative comments being posted, as I scroll through FB and watch the news, I’m deeply saddened by stories of straight men and women hurting their children or neglecting them, and here we 2 men despite their personal preference on who they choose to be with, taking care of their children. And you all with the negative comments have the nerve to say they are wrong??? I’m confused… Shouldn’t we support our mothers and father’s trying their best to raise our future men and women?? We have other things to worry about than a gay man doing hair at 530 in the morning. #swervehaters

And the fathers respond to all the feedback:

…In other news, Kordale and I appreciate the positive and the NEGATIVE support; it helps us as fathers and as mentors to our children. People are going to have an opinion about us and how we live our life style but as long as our children are fed, clothed and educated; their happy and we’re happy! So again, I thank each and everyone! May God Bless!

Check out some more photos and home movies posted to YouTube:


(Photos via Facebook)