Super snacks: Hunger pangs don’t have to mean starving yourself

Snacking is an American pastime, but eating chips and soda and chocolate bars are no way to lose weight. There are some foods that you can eat that are at least not as harmful as those salty and sugary snacks and even others that boost metabolism as you work toward a healthier lifestyle.


You just have to have that sugar fix, right? Gay fitness and nutrition expert Craig Ramsay understands.



“If you can’t stop yourself and you do not heed my advice about the dangers of sugar eating then try and stick to dark chocolate,” he says. “It’s high in health-promoting antioxidants and it’s typically difficult to eat large quantities of it in one sitting. Eat dark chocolate with a glass of lemon water—this will not only fill up the stomach quicker but the lemon in the water will heighten the sweet taste and satisfy you sooner.”


Eat less junk food of your choice with this tip from Ramsay:

“People who typically skip breakfast in the morning 
gravitate to higher levels of sugar eating in the evening which leads to more of my embarrassing public displays of exercising,” he says.

Try his breakfast shake:

sunwarrior-protein-chocolate• 1 scoop of chocolate Sun Warrior vegan protein powder

• 1 teaspoon of almond butter

• 8-10 blueberries or 2 strawberries

• 1 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk

• Add ice and water to achieve your preferred consistency.



“I prefer to make it thick with lots of ice and less water so I can eat it with a spoon which makes me feel like it’s a morning cheat treat dessert,” Ramsay says.






Healthy tip
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers up tons of healthy tips on all kinds of topics—and, yes, scientists there do believe in the ability of an apple (72 calories) to stave off unhealthy cravings while also being good for you.
Other healthy snacks:

• 1 cup of carrots (46 calories), or broccoli (30 calories), or bell peppers (30 calories) with 2 tablespoons of hummus (46 calories)

• 1 cup of grapes (100 calories)



Nuts are good and good for your heart, too, with high volumes of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E. Very yummy, but as is the case with most things, eating in moderation is best.

Heap of pistachio

• 1 ounce of dry roasted almonds = 169 calories

• 1 ounce of dry roasted cashews = 163 calories

• 1 ounce of dry roasted peanuts = 166 calories

• 1 ounce of dry roasted pistachios = 161 calories