Burglars kill gay Stone Mountain man

Theodore Moore, 48, was shot and killed during a home invasion on Sept. 25, DeKalb County police say.

Burglars forced their way into the home and locked Moore’s husband in a closet when Moore returned from walking his dog Monday morning. The house was ransacked for more than an hour, and the suspects took off with televisions in the victim’s car, WSB-TV reported.

According to neighbors, Moore’s house was targeted several weeks before, prompting him to purchase and install security cameras. He and his husband were married only about two months before the murder.

The security camera video from Moore’s home was obtained by WSB-TV. Police say it shows the killers.

Georgia Voice is working to obtain more details on this developing story. We will update this story as necessary.

UPDATE: 6:16 p.m., WSB-TV reports that police say Moore’s car was discovered several streets away. A neighbor remembered Moore as the type of man who would give the shirt off his back.

DeKalb County Police ask anyone with additional information to give them a call. The non-emergency line is 678-406-7929.