Atlanta blood bank says stay away on ‘National Gay Blood Drive’ day

The ban has come under fire in recent years by a plethora of health organizations and proponents of lifting the ban now have the support of the American Medical Association, which voted recently to support an end to the policy. The ban was implemented in 1983 during the early days of the AIDS crisis.

Local blood banks have caught wind of “National Gay Blood Drive” day and are refusing to play along.

In a memo obtained by GA Voice sent out by Atlanta Blood Services, Matt Orlando, ABS Donor Recruitment Manager, reminds ABS staff that the ban is still in effect and participating in the event could put his organization in jeopardy with the FDA. Orlando also issues a hold on new donor signups during the July 12 event.

Orlando wrote:

Regardless of our personal feelings regarding this issue, we must follow the national blood safety and eligibility guidelines sst [sic] forth by AABB and the FDA in order to stay focused on saving lives here in the Atlanta area. If you have any questions please direct them toward your manager, who can provide you witl [sic] more details or talking points for haudling [sic] new donors attempting to donate on the 12ft of July.

See the full memo below:

What are your thoughts on “National Gay Blood Drive” day? Is this a proper protest or will this be a wash? How would you draw attention to the ban? Please leave your comments below.


Top photo: Ryan James Yezak (via YouTube)