[UPDATE] LGBT groups receive Georgia Council for the Arts grants

This year’s Out on Film festival will be held Oct. 3 – 10 at Midtown Art Cinema. A complete festival lineup is expected in August, according to event organizers.

“We are very thrilled and very grateful!” said AFB President Cliff Norris via a media release. “The funds from the Georgia Council for the Arts will help us produce an event that has a significant impact in our community. We are so excited to bring a musical ensemble of this size and quality to Atlanta during the most festive time of our LGBT calendar. What a great way to celebrate our band’s 20th year!”

The Atlanta Freedom Bands said it was awarded a $5,000 matching grant. Out on Film received a $10,000 grant, according to festival organizers.

The Georgia Council for the Arts will distribute just under $1 million to 66 organizations. A full list can be found here, although the amounts of each grant were not included.

“This year’s grant cycle was exceptionally competitive and the funded organizations provide some of the most outstanding programming and services in the state,” said GCA Director Karen Paty. “The extraordinary quality work done by these organizations has a meaningful economic and community impact at both a state and local level. We are pleased to be able to support this work and look forward to working in partnership with these institutions over the next 12 months.”

The Georgia Council for the Arts is a division of the Georgia Department of Economic Development, whose mission is to promote Georgia’s arts communities. It receives its funding from the Georgia General Assembly and the National Endowment for the Arts.