[Video] Atlanta Pride Trans March’s huge turnout drowns out anti-gay protesters

The annual Atlanta Pride Trans March took to the city streets this year for the first time since its inception in 2009 and some 300 people marched and chanted down 10th Street and Peachtree Street and then back into Piedmont Park where the annual fest was being held. In years past, the march took place within the park within the vendor market to bring awareness within the LGB communities.

At the end of the march, anti-LGBT protesters with bullhorns and hateful signs shouted at marchers as they passed. Most of those in the march walked past the anti-gay street preachers and cheered louder to drown out the noise of the preachers.

Organizers said this year was the largest Trans March in Atlanta Pride history.

After entering the park, the marchers gathered to celebrate just as a torrential downpour hit, forcing many to try to seek cover underneath trees. The anti-LGBT protesters followed them in and began shouting through bullhorns. The marchers chanted “Turn your back on hate” and the driver of the truck who led the parade also honked the horn to blare out the hateful words.

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