WATCH: Atlanta’s City Talk profiles Atlanta Police LGBT liaisons, discuss ‘It Gets Better’ video

Sharp explains in the interview the APD was inspired to make the video after talking to gay officers with the San Francisco Police Department who also created an “It Gets Better Video.” Officer Kristin Knight, the other LGBT liaison for the APD, said in May after she was hired for the position she had an interest in making an “It Gets Better” video. In July, a request for officer participation in the video was made.

The target audience is youth, Sharp said in the interview with City Talk.

“The best possible result for us in producing the video is that we help somebody,” Sharp says. “If it’s just one person who’s struggling with sexual orientation or gender identity or what have you, they see our video and they are able connect to one of our stories and that inspires them to know it gets better.

“I hope through the video they see that we’ve all been there, we’ve experienced those tough times and it got better for us and we got better as a result,” Sharp added.

The “It Gets Better” project was started by gay journalist and author Dan Savage and his partner after numerous suicides of LGBT youth continued to make national headlines. President Barack Obama and members of the White House have made an “It Gets Better” video as well as many celebrities.

Watch Sharp’s interview below:

Photo: Atlanta Police gay and and lesbian officers gather together for a group shot before marching in this year’s Atlanta Pride parade. (by Dyana Bagby)