Today Georgia Equality announced it was launching the Why Marriage Matters Georgia campaign through a partnership with the national Freedom to Marry organization and the need to raise $50,000 to conduct polling of Georgia residents. 

Funds raised will also be used to develop messaging to people across the state about why marriage equality matters in Georgia.

From a press release:

$50K needed to launch ‘Why Marriage Matters Georgia’ campaign

Over the past several months, at events, town hall meetings, emails, social networking and community rallies, Georgia Equality has been talking with you about building the movement we all deserve in our home state of Georgia. As part of these efforts, in the coming weeks, we will be partnering with our friends at Freedom to Marry to launch the Why Marriage Matters Georgia Campaign.

A recent poll conducted by the Atlanta Journal Constitution showed that support for same-sex marriage in Georgia is growing. The poll found that 48 percent of residents favor gay marriage and 43 percent oppose it (9 percent didn’t know or didn’t answer).

While this is encouraging, we have a lot of work to do to make marriage equality a reality. We are beginning to build the infrastructure that is needed to win marriage in Georgia. We need to raise 50K to launch this campaign. Our national partners at Freedom to Marry can offer helpful resources and support, but no one currently has data on Georgia.

The funds raised for the campaign will be used to conduct targeted polling to determine why the numbers have changed so rapidly, to develop strategic and effective messaging, to develop educational materials for the public and to conduct outreach to communities of faith.

The success of the Why Marriage Matters Georgia Campaign ultimately depends on LGBT Georgian’s and our allies being engaged in the movement.  It will take you staying informed, volunteering your time, investing your money, voting in every election, and writing and calling your lawmakers.  

Help build a vibrant and effective infrastructure – MAKE A DONATION TODAY – We need to raise 50K to launch this campaign.