Georgia Equality recently released its first round of endorsements for the Democratic primary elections, which will take place on May 22. Additional endorsements will follow, especially after the advance voting period concludes on April 30. As the organization’s press release points out, “The lack of an endorsement should not necessarily be viewed as a negative reflection of a particular candidate’s views on LGBT issues in general.”

The group endorsed LGBTQ lawmakers state Rep. Sam Park, Rep. Park Cannon, Rep. Renitta Shannon and Rep. Karla Drenner. They also issued early endorsements to Sen. Jen Jordan and the candidates Jen Slipakoff and Donna McLeod. Notably, they did not make an endorsement in the race for governor — avoiding what likely would have been a choice between LGBTQ allies and former state Reps. Stacey Abrams and Stacey Evans, who are vying to be the Democratic Party nominee.

In the release, Georgia Equality executive director Jeff Graham said, “We’re proud to endorse each of these candidates for their stances on LGBTQ equality. There is much work to be done as we continue to fight for LGBTQ equality in Georgia, and if elected, these candidates will be in the position to make it happen.”

Georgia Equality is a civil rights group which advocates for legal and social justice on behalf of LGBTQ people in the state of Georgia.

Below is the list of Georgia Equality endorsements, decided upon by the organization’s Board of Directors:

For statewide offices:
Lt. Governor: Sarah Riggs Amico
Insurance Commissioner: Cindy Zeldin
State School Superintendent: Sid Chapman
Labor Commissioner: Richard Keatley

For the State Senate:
SD 6: Jen Jordan (i)
SD 40: Sally Harrell
SD 41: Steve Henson (i)
SD 44: Gail Davenport (i)

State House of Representatives:
HD 30: Alana Watkins
HD 35: Kyle Rinaudo
HD 36: Jen Slipakoff
HD 37: Mary Frances Williams
HD 39: Erica Thomas (i)
HD 40: Erick Allen
HD 50: Angelika Kausche
HD 56: Able Mable Thomas (i)
HD 57: Pat Gardner (i)
HD 58: Park Cannon (i)
HD 60: Kim Schofield (i)
HD 81: Scott Holcomb (i)
HD 84: Karla Drenner (i)
HD 85: Renitta Shannon (i)
HD 86: Michelle Henson (i)
HD 97: Aisha Yaqoob
HD 99: Brenda Lopez (i)
HD 101: Sam Park (i)
HD 102: Gregg Kennard
HD 105: Donna McLeod
HD 107: Shelley Hutchinson
HD 109: Regina Lewis-Ward
HD 111: El-Mahdi Holly
HD 113: Pam Dickerson (i)
HD 144: Jessica Walden

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  1. Dr Lance D Dickerson

    Could you please tell me where you obtained the quotes from the candidates you endorsed? Did you interview the candidates?

    I ask because I know a candidate personally and a quote from him would disable your endorsement by falling under the “In some instances the board did not make an endorsement if there were multiple candidates with evenly matched views on LGBT issues” category.

    To be fair, you should correct your erroneous oversight and either endorse BOTH candidates or un-endorse the one you did. Your unfair endorsement suggests unethical favoritism as well as implicates the other candidate is NOT LGBTQ friendly regardless of “The lack of an endorsement should not necessarily be viewed as a negative reflection of a particular candidate’s views on LGBT issues in general” statement.

    It’s kinda like gerrymandering where you map out candidates in order win based on discrimination and lack of ethics.

    Oh, and why did you publish two different endorsements, both of which you credit Jeff Graham for? (see above and see:

    Dr Lance D Dickerson


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